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    From launching the site to launching the game

    The timeline we have in mind is provisional, but the basic idea is to move in phases from general discussion to launching the game.

    Phase 1: Game Design Forum. In this phase we are posing a series of questions about key aspects of the game design.

    Phase 2: In the second phase, a committee of the agoraXchange initiators, select participants, and invited experts in the field will review the game design room submissions gathered in phase one and will conduct for a series of online discussions. Transcripts of the discussions will be made available on the site. The result of these discussions will be recommendations for three distinct game prototypes. The three prototypes will then be summarized on the site, and participants will have the opportunity to expand on the game design details, working on collaborative image and text documents, and in forums.

    Phase 3: In the third phase, site participants will be invited to vote on one of the three game design prototypes to be developed.

    Phase 4: In the forth and final phase of agoraXchange, we are presently exploring different possibilities, one of which will be to hire a team of programmers and designers to develop the core or kernel software source code for the game, which will then be made available to anyone to modify and improve.