• Game Design
  • 2006: Next Step, Phase I.1
    How to Work on PHASE I.1


    Select one or more sections of the Game Design Room and condense the discussions there into Yes/No or multiple choice questions that can be voted on. Some of this will require decision trees. For example, for "Object of the Game" suggestions include earning money, having multiple lives, playing the game as long as possible, becoming a political leader. These and other options would be formatted into a multiple-choice question on which participants can vote.

    You are going to be able to upload your contributions through wiki pages. Please know you can edit, delete, revise your contributions even after they appear on the website.

    If you haven't used wiki pages before, this may seem a bit overwhelming. However, the basic style sheet you'll need is at the bottom of the page you'll used and there is also a link to print out the complete instructions. If you go to the Game Design Room and select a section within that you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and satisfying it is to use a wiki. Publishing your thoughts on wikis is a great skill for this project and for many others. We have set up a wiki "sandbox" for your to practice. Feel free free to practice uploading text and then deleting it.

    You can start a page for a section's questions on your own or with a group. Also, feel free to contribute to existing wikis. This is an ideal class project.