PHASE I.1 In phase 1 users contributed individual ideas in reply to questions that would have to be answered to design any digital game. Phase 1 is the "brainstorming" phase of the game design. Contributions are still invited. Just open a section below and submit your ideas.

In the present phase I.1 (launched November 9, 2005) users may select a section below, e.g., "Object of the Game," print out all the replies, and condense the discussions there into Yes/No or multiple choice questions that can be voted on in PhaseII. It's up to you how to phrase these questions. For example, for "Object of the Game" suggestions include earning money, having multiple lives, playing the game as long as possible, becoming a political leader. These and other options would be formatted into a multiple-choice question on which participants can vote.

Contribute suggestions for a section's questions on your own or with a group. Also, feel free to contribute to existing pages. This is an ideal class or group project.

Below are the instructions users rely on to contribute their design ideas in Phase I
FROM PHASE 1: The Game Design Room is a collaborative space for developing the game design for a massive, multiplayer online game world simulating an alternative to the present global order. Responses can be text or image. The only constraint is that your proposals must be consistent with the four Decrees.

We are currently in Phase 1 of the design process.

To proceed please select a topic from this list